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12 Days of Gamer Logic: Day 4

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♩♪♫On the 4th day of Gamer Logic, The GL Crew gave to me~:
An angry video game nerd!♩♪♫

Lately, I’ve been going around asking my friends what holiday traditions they partake in every year. I’ve gotten answers like watching Christmas movies, bake cookies, or giving each other pajamas on Christmas Eve. Some of these traditions I do as well, but then I thought of one that I do that others probably don’t; Watch every holiday episode of AVGN, otherwise known as the Angry Video Game Nerd.

James Rolfe (AKA “The Nerd”) is the king of retro game reviews. He was one of the first people to show off his retro gaming collection on the internet and talk about what games he’s played (whether they be good or bad). The special appeal of AVGN though is the fact that his character has quite the temper. Instead of saying something may be a bad game, he may describe it as “a pile of ass that a monkeys butt hole wouldn’t even go near”, or something along those lines. He gets quite creative with his insults. Even though he may get mad at the games he plays, he’s extremely fair with his reviews. He takes you step by step on how the game works, how it’s set up, how it plays and feels. His comedy is golden, and while some of his best videos are almost 10 years old, the editing and writing aged extremely well.

If you want something funny and rated PG13 to watch this holiday season while learning a bit about the dark side of Christmas themed games, I suggest checking him out on YouTube! If you look up “AVGN Holiday Playlist”, a list of videos will pop up, making it perfect for binge watching!

12 Days of Gamer Logic: Day 3

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♩♪♫On the 3rd day of Gamer Logic, The GL Crew gave to me~:
A disappointing Splatfest!♩♪♫

Okay, well the Splatfest itself isn’t disappointing, but the theme is ALL about disappointment! As some of you know, every month Splatoon 2 holds a fun competition where players choose between two sides, and for one weekend both sides go head to head trying to score the most points for their team! The winning side gets a large amount of upgrade components. The losing sides gets some too, but not nearly as much.
Anywho, the theme for this month is:
Which would you rather receive? A sweater or socks?

Which would you guys choose? Have you gotten either of these as a gift before? I ended up getting a sweater one year that was 5 times too small…. for a small boy. I’m a woman, and at the time, I was 18. It’s the thought that counts, right?

12 Days of Gamer Logic: Day 2

♩♪♫On the 2nd day of Gamer Logic, The GL Crew gave to me~:
A very merry MMO!♩♪♫

If you’re anything like me, you love the IDEA of Winter. I’m not a fan of the cold & windy season itself, where in the Midwest it stays cold for over half of the year. So while I want to go out to holiday parties, festivals and parades, the idea of staying in my cozy home with hot cocoa and good game seems much more appealing. While it’s nice to be inside, I still want to get in the Christmas spirit, and luckily the online world of MMO’s make that easy! If you look around, games like Guild Wars 2 and Black Desert Online have fun festivals to help you celebrate the holiday season! From in-game winter items, costumes and consumable foods for boosts, to group events where you fight yetis and save toy lands, it’s common for MMOs to have some form of a winter event to help you party up and celebrate with your online pals. Besides, the Wintersday event in GW2 helps detract me from pain and suffering that is PvP.

What MMO do you play? Does it have a winter event going on too? Let us know! post a screenshot of your character celebrating!

12 Days of Gamer Logic: Day 1

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♩♪♫On the 1st day of Gamer Logic, The GL Crew gave to me~:
Gift suggestions for this holiday!♩♪♫

We have 12 days until Christmas day, so not only do we begin our traditional 12 Days of Gamer Logic, but we panic about getting our loved ones those last minute gifts! If you’re looking for some good suggestions in what to get that gamer in your life, here are some recommendations!

Some great, immersive single-player games would be Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!
Super Mario Odyssey is forgiving, colorful and even has a guide feature if you have a little one playing. You can however turn it off for you experienced players! It’s fun, bubbly and adorable in all regards! Explore different worlds while trying to save Princess Peach from an evil wedding with Bowser!
LoZ:BotW is another beautiful game that won Game of the Year! I suggest this for peoples 12+, since the gameplay can be complex, but the story and the freedom of the game are BREATH taking. (Get it? See what I did?) It plays like an open world “choose your own path”, while still keeping the same end goal with story. Find Princess Zelda, defeat Ganon and gain your memory back!

For other suggestions, check out this link! Nintendo did a great job of putting a list together of best selling games and gaming accessories that make Christmas shopping easy!

Time to say goodbye to Guild Wars 2?

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I am an MMORPG hero. What I mean by MMORPG hero is that I am on a constant search to find an MMORPG that will keep my attention for quite a while, and for the last few years, Guild Wars 2 has been that MMORPG. While I enjoy the guild I’m a part of, I don’t find myself actively playing GW2 unless it’s sitting in a town somewhere chatting with my friends or using cosmetics to make my character look cool.

Guild Wars 2 isn’t a bad game per se, I’ve just been playing it since the beta and have done nearly every inch of content available to players throughout the last 5 years. Recently Anet, the company that runs Guild Wars 2, had released an expansion pack that unlocked mounts for the first time. While this is very exciting, the expansion pack didn’t last long for a lot of players, and now I’ve noticed that people are back in the main hub or the PVP lobby wondering what to do now. While I’m aware that Anet is run by a smaller group of developers and admins, it still does not change the fact that I’m now bored. The game can be very imbalanced when it comes to combat, especially in PvP, and I’m getting a little sick of exploring the maps to keep myself entertained. So when do I call it quits? Do I ever call it quits?

This past summer I released an article talking about how sometimes you can go back to an old MMORPG that you used to enjoy and still enjoy just as much as the first time you played, and while I believe this can happen for Guild Wars 2 I’m not exactly sure which game I can go off and play for the time being. MMORPGs are getting stale, there’s nothing really new added to story or to gameplay, and a lot of free MMORPGs are very pay-to-win.

I’ve noticed with other free-to-play MMORPGs that the game relies heavily on cosmetics and on the in-game cash shops, where you spend real money for in-game items that may not affect your gameplay at all but just simply make your character look cool. I’ve noticed that this is happening with Guild Wars 2 and with the recent patch it’s gotten worse. Guild Wars 2 now sells mount skins, but instead of making it so you can choose what skins you buy for what mount, you have to play a game of chance and by a random mount contract that unlocks a random skin for you. You can also get skins for mounts that you may or not have, which isn’t fair to players who either do not plan on getting a ceertian mount or just simply can’t afford them.

Guild Wars 2 has frequently been referred to as Fashion Wars, and I feel that it’s getting worse and worse. At this point, I don’t log in to play the game but to simply make my character look the way I want; but what’s the point if I’m not going to play that character or do any content with it? I’ll probably end up staying with Guild Wars 2 simply because I have nowhere else to go, but I wonder what it will take for me to move on.

– Em

What makes a gamer a gamer?

Happy September, my gaming friends! It’s getting to the season of happenings, such as the start of school, Halloween, and the SEASON OF SICKNESS. Here on the Illinois and Wisconsin border, everyone and their mother has been getting sick! I was of course a causality to this, which is why last article I brought you back into the past and showed you an old Sonic Heroes review I had written years ago. But since then, I have healed! Hazaah!

As you can imagine, being sick not only took me away from my computer, but I had to spend a lot of time in bed. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a TV in my bedroom, so I was left to play with my favorite bed time gaming device: my 3DSXL! While my 3DS game section of my collection isn’t lacking, I unfortunately had already played almost all my games. I tried starting a new file on Yo-Kai Watch 1 & 2, and it just didn’t feel right starting a game with a story when I was too tired to focus. Sure, I had some short indie games to play but they’re, as I said, short. Nothing could keep my attention for more than 20 minutes at a time. I shuffled through my games, until I came across a game that I had bought but never really got into; Style Savvy: Trendsetters.

“EM. What the actual hell, you are NOT going to tell me about some sissy girly game, are you? Don’t you just play dress-up with dolls? BORING. It’s not even a real game!” Well, thoughts in my head that I assume I’m sharing with my dear readers, no. I’m not going to talk about Style Savvy– at least not today. You see, when I started playing SST, my mind flashed back to all the times I’ve heard people say that girly games, simulators and even some phone apps don’t count as real games and that the people who play them can’t be called gamers. I couldn’t help but wonder why a lot of the gaming community thinks that, so I’m here to break some stuff down with you all and see if we can figure out if liking and playing games that may not be challenging or played on a typical gaming device makes you less of what we call a gamer.

We’ll, let’s go to Google for a second. I looked up ‘gamer definition’, and it told me that a gamer is “person who plays video games or participates in role-playing games.” Well, what qualifies as a video game? I looked that up as well, and Google said that it was “a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program, on a television screen or other display screen.” Some examples of an electrical display screen that come to mind are projectors, a TV, monitor, tablet, a phone, hand held device such as a 3DS or even a knock-off brand gaming system, and more. So by the definitions provided to us, phone game apps are considered games. So are FPSs, RPGs, JRPGMMOs, indie games, puzzle games, dating sims, simulations, genres of all shapes and sizes no matter how odd, bland or educational they may be.

What have we learned though? We learned that all games are different, and that gamers should all bond over how they all get enjoyment over silly pixels on a screen rather than fight over what pixels are better than others. Odds are that if something is labeled and sold as a game, it’s a game no matter how bad and horrid it may be (MOST of the time).

Some people play God of War, and some people play Cooking Mama. Anyone can play League of Legends for hours on end, and then finish their night playing a dress-up game like Style Savvy or a phone game like Candy Crush in bed on their 3DS or phone before they sleep. We’re all one in the same, and we should all step back and see that we should all unite, not fight.

So next time you meet someone who says they like games and they give examples like Nintendogs, Bejeweled or some fashion game they downloaded on their phone for free off the app store, remember that just because they may be in a different part of the gaming community than you, doesn’t mean they aren’t part of the community at all. Who knows! Maybe you can tell them about some of the games you like and make a new friend, or even take a second to learn about why their game is so special to them!

Until next time!