Good Will Hunting #6

2011-10-08 20-47-33.362

I decided to hit Trader Jon’s Pawn Shop today and got a few decent games for a cool 12 bucks. On the NES I grabbed Hoops, Breakthru, Pinball and Zanac. SNES wise: Judge Dredd and Star Trek. PS1: Gex 3 and Contra Legacy of War and Xbox Original: Far Cry and Half-Life 2. As an extra bonus, I scored a free manual for Castlevania 2.

7 thoughts on “Good Will Hunting #6

  1. Israel Pacheco

    Wow, a lot of stuff for only 12 bucks. Seeing that Gex 3 reminds me of all the fun I had with that series. I wonder what happened to it?
    youtube username: israelpacheco89

  2. suiton629

    I AM THE LAW! LOL Anyway, cool pick up man…especially for $12 total! You could probably sell some of those stuff online and profit…

    * Reference to Judge Dredd…ehehehe…

  3. Violenteers

    I had “Contra Legacy of War” once. I could never beat the first level as a kid, though. 🙁

  4. Cesar

    Very neat, seeing Gex is extremely nostalgic for me. A lot of the adult jokes and humor went way over my head, since I was just a kid.

    Youtube ID: Knifegash

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