Good Will Hunting #8

I stopped by the newly erected (ha ha) McHenry Flea Market center today and while there wasn’t much there for the retro or modern video game collector, I did manage to get two decent finds for the combined total of 5 bucks.

2011-11-20 16-32-17.423

Pinball Hall of Fame and Top Gear (Complete)

Now obviously I’m a pinball junkie, so picking up the Gottlieb Collection was a no brainer. The Top Gear I couldn’t resist because it was boxed and felt like it it least had the instruction manual…turns out it had more then that!2011-11-20 16-30-43.756

As you can see above, not only was the game and the instruction book inside, but the plastic covering the game, the card board insert and even all the registration cards! Now thinking about it, I think the only thing its actually missing is the SNES dust covers that use to come with the games, but maybe they stopped producing those games after awhile? I can’t remember. Still, its fairly rare to get a game with the registration card, it least to me. My parents made me throw them out when I opened my games because they believed it was a government experiment to see what games children were playing and would force them into certain careers because of it.

Yes. I’m making that up.

Upon walking out of the flea market, I noticed something rather amusing, the owner of a local video game shop was buying a ticket, presuming to pick up some games dirt cheap and resale them at the store. Now its tough to blame the guy, because it is a smart business move; but I can’t wait to ask the owner what he picked up at the flea market. Mwhahaha!

One thought on “Good Will Hunting #8

  1. Israel Pacheco

    Nice finds. Yeah I’m wondering when they stopped producing the dust covers for the SNES games too. I wish I would have kept all my boxes dammit. I was just a little kid back then though and didn’t keep my stuff in great condition like I do now. All my PSONE era games are scratched to hell. It wasn’t until Dreamcast/PS2 that I started taking care of them lol.

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