Cave Story

It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of Metroidvania games, whether it’s Castlevania :Sotn or romhacks like Metroid:Rogue Dawn, I love exploring to finding new weapons or items, listening to the area music, and taking on challenging bosses. I recently purchased Cave Story+ for the Switch. It’s great to have another Metroidvania for the system.
You start out as a silent protagonist named Quote. After stumbling through the first cave you come across your first weapon, the Polar Star. Each weapon you acquire can level up, you level up by defeating enemies and collecting Energy Crystals. Taking damage will deduct EXP from the weapon you have currently equipped. Some weapons, like the Missile Launcher, have limited ammo, they’ll regenerate ammo over time or you can collect ammo drops from enemies. They’re plenty of Save and Restoration Points in the game. You can find Life Capsules and Missile Expansions to permanently increase your life and missile count. After making it through the cave, you’ll land in the Mimiga Village. The Mimiga are a dog/rabbit hybrid. They’re being harassed by mad doctor being possessed by an ancient artifact called the Demon Crown. He’s assisted by a goth witch named Misery and a giant brick-looking thing named Balrog. The trio are trying to turn the Mimiga into weapons by forcing them to eat flowers, which turns into monsters. One of the Mimiga you’ll meet is Sue Sakamoto, she’s an assistant to Professor Booster and Her brother King. She was turned into a Mimiga because of Misery. It’s up you to help Sue, Booster and King to stop the the mad doctor from hatching his plan. Continuing on we meet Kazuma Sakamoto, who is Sue’s brother. He got himself locked up in a room and keeps in contact with Sue via IM (Instant Messaging). Curly Brace, (who after finding her hidden panties(not making that up), can become playable in her own Mode), is a guardian of a small pack of Mimiga, suffers from memory loss and attacks Quote. After exchanging gunfire she realizes that you’re not after the Mimiga after all and will assist you from time to time.
Depending on your actions during certain parts of the game, she can either die horribly or assist you at the True final dungeon. After making it through the Labyrinth, you’ll see an injured Professor Booster fall to the ground. So here’s one of those important actions I just talked about, if you go down and talk to the Professor he’ll give you the Booster V0.8 and will die. However, if ignore him completely, you’ll see him later, alive and well and give you the Booster V2.0. (Hits head) Makes sense to me. After Quote and Curly make their way to the Dark Palace and have a fight with the Core, The room fills with water and Quote drowns, or so it seems. Curly gives Quote her Air Tank. If you acquired the Booster 0.8, Curly dies here, however if you ignored the Prof., you can find a Tow Rope and carry Curly to saftey. After making it halfway through the Waterway, you’ll come to a cabin with a safe point. By examining the computer and reading some books, you can pump the water out off Curly. You’re then given the option of leaving her there or taking her with you. TAKE HER WITH YOU. After a boss fight with Ironhead, the two will become separated. You’ll encounter the questionably alive Prof. Booster and he’ll give you the Booster V2.0. After heading back to the Egg Chamber, you’ll find Kazuma hiding out again. He pretty much gives up and he’ll offer you a ride on a Dragon, If you do you get the Bad Ending. By ignoring him, you can head up the Outer Wall and pick up the 290 Counter and get into the Plantation. Here we meet with Momorin Sakamoto, the mother of Kazuma and Sue. Also, Curly gets washed up here and needs a special mushroom in order to regain her memories. You’ll need to head back to the Mimiga village and head to the graveyard, up above you’ll meet Ma Pignon. After answering some questions, she gives you a fake mushroom and then fights you. After beating her she gives you the real one. After giving it to Curly, she’ll regain her memories about her and about you, and she’ll give you the Iron Bond. Back to Momorin, she’s making a robot that can get into the Last Cave. She needs to borrow your booster, but also needs a sprinkler and a controller. After requiring your booster, you head up to the top.
The Last Cave you enter will change depending on which booster you have. If you have 0.8 It won’t have as many spikes and Red Pools, plus you’ll skip a boss fight. If you have 2.0, best of luck, not only do you have a boss fight, but there are so many Red Pools that do 10 Damage, but Spikes are everywhere and your weapons go back to Level 1. After making your way through, you’ll come to the Balcony and Throne Room where you have a boss gauntlet. You’ll finally fight Misery, the Doctor himself, and after that Misery will transport in Sue and threat you to leave now or else. The defeated doctor under the Red Crystal’s power, turns Misery and Sue into monsters, and fuses it the Core. After a grueling fight, Quote and Sue will either escape together (Normal Ending), or if you did everything right, you’ll enter the Sacred Ground and find Curly. The Sacred Ground is basically HELL. Spikes everywhere, Bricks falling all the time, enemies that will home in on you, and five boss fights. If you die at any point, it’s back to your last save and have to do it all over again. GOOD LUCK. The Death Crown that was possessing is called Ballos.
The game isn’t that long, it can take a few hours to beat. You can still get the original free version, but it’s also on the Wii, the 3DS eshop, a remake in 3D for the 3DS, Steam, and The Nintendo Switch. If you get a physical version of the Switch version it actually comes with a Mini CD with the soundtrack and also an Instruction Booklet. I can recommend it to anyone that likes Metroidvania games and want a great challenge.