Night Trap from Limited Run Games!

I just popped my Limited Run Games cherry! I was just able to score a PS4 copy of Night Trap. I’m really looking forward to playing this version of the game as I’ve only played the SEGA CD version and the video quality is a little lacking. I’ve actually been on the hunt for a SEGA CD copy for a few years, but it’s always extremely overpriced when I find one.

I certainly will never forget the controversy Night Trap caused, even though it really didn’t deserve it as the scenes in question were quite tame. I can remember watching the Senate hearings on the game and “violence in video games” in general and being afraid that video games were going to be banned in all aspects. Or even worse, that I wouldn’t be able to play them again until I was an adult. Ah, the mind of a child.

Thankfully, even if they would have been banned; I’m pretty sure my parents still would have bought them for me. My parents taught me at a very young age the differences between fantasy and reality and games like Night Trap were just that: fantasy. I always felt bad for some of my friends growing up that were not allowed to play these games because I always got the impression that their parents didn’t believe in their intelligence enough for them to depict the difference between fantasy and reality.