Star Fox 2

Star Fox 2 was such a great improvement.  Plot wise it’s the same thing, Andross launches an all out war against Corneria.  It’s Up to Star Fox and two new characters, Miyu the Lynx and Fei the Poodle (seriously, a POODLE?!) to take Andross and his forces down.

You’re able to choose your difficulty, Normal, Hard, and Expert, which might as well be Easy, Normal, and Hard.  The higher the difficulty, the more of the game you’re able to see.  After that you’re able to choose from any of the six Star Fox members.  Fox and Falco are kinda Standard, they start with a single laser,  Peppy and Slippy are slower than the others but have more health, Fei and Miyu have less health but start with Twin Lasers.

Unlike the first game, this is more of a mix of Space combat and a real-time strategy, you must travel through space to take out Andross’s Battleships and travel to various planets and take out the enemy bases.  The bases will launch IPBMs at Corneria, and if Corneria takes to much damage, it’ll be Game Over.  Combat isn’t on rails like the last game, you’re able to fly just about anywhere, like the All Range Mode in Star Fox 64.

New to the game is the Walker mode, you’re ship is able to transform to a “chicken walker” for ground combat and for activating switches.  While trying to defend Corneria, you’ll run into members of the Star Wolf team, a team of mercenaries that was hired by Andross.  Those members include Wolf, Leon, Pigma, and Andrew.  Andross himself hasn’t changed that much, instead of firing panels, he shoots out fire from his eyes.

Thankfully we’re finally getting this game thanks to the SNES Classic Edition, provided you don’t sell a kidney in order to pay a scalper for one.  We did get SF2 somewhat in the form of Star Fox Command on the Nintendo DS.  I love this game, I’d play this over the Star Fox Zero Effort any time.


On a side note, I’ll be in Disney World next week, so no write up from me but I have 3 ready to go.  My work schedule has changed for the fall so I’m going to take time either recording a playthrough or getting a write up ready.