Now is the time for Star Fox Comics!

Over the last few years, we’ve had the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Mario Adventures comic strips that made their debut in the 1992 editions of Nintendo re-published by VIZ Media. Those comics bring a smile to my face anytime I see them as I have so many great memories about what was going on during my childhood while reading them. We are still missing a series, however that I loved even more than those two major game franchise comics and that series ran in every 1993 issue of Nintendo Power: Star Fox.

To really hone in on the release of Star Fox, Nintendo commissioned 10 chapters of Star Fox Comics to be drawn and written by Benimaru Itoh that would be seen by all Nintendo Power readers from issues #45 to 55. The comics focused as both a prequel and aftermath for what would occur on the actual SNES game and would help deepen the story line between the Star Fox team itself and the motivations for Andross’s attack on the entire Lylat system. The comic would also add Fara Phoenix, as the 5th member of the Star Fox team to act as Fox’s love interest. Highlights from the comics include the Star Fox team taking the fight to Andross’s army before they even agree to help save the galaxy from them, Falco kicking the crap out of Fox and further details regarding Fox’s father who supposedly met his end by Andross.

Now is the time for VIZ Media to pull the trigger on getting these comics re-released. After all, the SNES Classic Edition is right around the corner and demand for it is hot. Even more so, those hunting for the system want to play the final version of Star Fox 2; which never got released officially. The iron for Star Fox is as hot as it ever could be. Let’s make it happen VIZ!

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Update: VIZ Media did reach out to me regarding this article. Sadly, it seems nothing is in the works for now on any republishing of the Star Fox comics. Let’s hope that changes!