Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Switching it up this time.  I wanted to talk about the first anime movie I bought when I was a teen, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust.  I love watching it every now and then because the story I can’t give a single crap for, it’s basically Twilight with a body count.  The soundtrack and the action scenes are pretty much what drives the movie forward.

It begins with a woman named Charlotte being abducted by Meier Link, a vampire nobleman.  Her father Elbourne, hires D to bring her back.  He gives D $500,000 as a down payment and $10 Million to complete the job.  D isn’t the only hunter that El hired, he also the Marcus Brothers (Clan in the Manga) who have a head start.  The brothers are Borgoff, the leader who uses a wrist-mounted crossbow, Kyle, the sarcastic one who uses a bladed boomerang, Grove (Groveck), who is bed ridden, but with a serum can cast out his spirit and fire Holy lights at his target., and Nolt is the big strong one that swings a giant mallet that resembles a stake.  There’s also a woman traveling with them named Leila.  When first see the brothers and their female partner entering a town trying to get information from a drunk.  The drunk turns out to be a werewolf and the promptly take him out, that wakes up the neighborhood full of zombies, which get squashed in mere seconds.  After that, Borgoff hears someone riding a horse in the distance, he waits it out and fires an bolt straight at D,and this was badass, D catches the steel bolt, snaps it in two and then stares down Borgoff.  Borgoff introduces himself and asks for our hero’s name, and simply says D, before riding off.   After crossing the desert, D finds the carriage at a Shelter.  He then proceeds to screw with the the laser-shooting eyeball security by flicking seeds in different directions, letting him pass.  D searches for the door when Leila shows up with a bazooka, forcing the door to open and the carriage to retreat.  D catches up to it and Meier exchange dialog and then fight.  He tells D to leave and she’s her by her own will, D obviously doesn’t believe him, manages to get a hit in and just when’s about to finish him, Charlotte yells out Meier’s name, distracting D, and hitting D managed to get away.


The Marcus Brother talk about how when Vampires get into trouble, they seek asylum with the Barbarois, a kind of demonic protection service.  The brothers then spot the carriage and start attacking it, but it’s a trap.  It turns out to be a giant cloth.  It was setup by Barbarois member, Benge, and master of illusion and can travel quickly by entering shadows.  Benge then promptly stabs Nolt’s shadow, killing him, but not before he attempts one last swing.  Nolt’s last words are warning his brothers to watch out for the shadow.  D makes his way into the Barbarois and talks to the Old Man in charge.  D asks that they stop their protection on Meier Link and he asked if he can pay him off.  The Old Man admires D’s bravery and declines his offer.  Meanwhile, Borgoff injects Grove with the serum.  Just then, the best scene in this whole movie happens, Grove shows up, in spirit form, and lays waist to most of the Barbarois, D follows after the carriage but Grove blocks him.  One sword slash to Grove later, and his spirit is back in his body.  D catches up to the carriage but it’s another one of Benge’s trap, killing his horse and our hero is entangled for the time being.  The Brothers literally run into another Barbarois member, Caroline.  She’s pretty much a demonic version of Poison Ivy.  She hides underneath the Brother’s tank and turns it into Swiss cheese.  Kyle and Borgoff get out of the tank and spot Benge.  Cut back to D who finally woke and uses his left had (which has a parasite in the shape of a face) and swallows up the spell.  Kyle quickly dispatches Benge as he’s climbing up a power pole.  Meier reads a letter he received from Countess Carmilla that she’s willing to help him and Charlotte.  D crosses another desert, and heads into town where we see Kyle and Leila getting fuel.  Kyle heads back while Leila decides to get her drink on.  She talks to the sheriff saying there’s a dhampir (vampire/Human) into town.  I really hate the English voice acting in this part, the pronominal Dhampir as Dunpeal and I’m sure it was a translation F@$* up but It makes the sheriff sound like a dumb reddneck.  D enters the stable and buys a horse from and old man.  Just then the sheriff and his men show up.  He basically says “We don’t Need no stinkin’ Dunpeal in our town”. The old man tells the sheriff that he and some kids were once saved by a Dhampir when he was young and hated the way he was treated.

Meanwhile, the other Barbarois member Mashira (werewolf), is resting the horses.  Charlotte walks out of the carriage to get some sunlight.  She spots D and he asks her to come with him.  Leila shows up to try and slap some sense into her but gets attacked Caroline.  D chases after but because he’s been out in the sun all day, is basically getting Heat Stroke.  He slices up Caroline and hides in the shade and digs a hole to bury himself so he can sleep.  Leila finds D, and walks away for a bit when she gets attacked again.  She throws a dagger straight through Caroline’s head when lightening strikes and kills her.  Leila watches over D.  Leila reveals that her parents were killed by werewolves and she blames herself, years later she joined up with the Marcus Brothers and became a hunter.  She says she’s so alone and doesn’t think anyone would mourn her if she died.  D says he’ll bring you flowers to her funeral if we survive this.  The next morning, Kyle and Borgoff spot the carriage heading for the Castle of Chaythe, where Carmilla resides.  They’re plan to stop them by blowing up the bridge.  They managed to get some explosives off and stop the carriage.  Kyle tries to get Charlotte out while Mashira takes a few bolts and falls off the bridge.  Meier walks out, burning alive, to get her back.  She escapes Kyle’s grasp and runs toward Meier, ripping out one of the bolts and contemplates killing herself, Mashira returns and slices up Kyle, killing him.  Borgoff says the hell with it and jumps off the bridge, little does he know that the tnt he placed got ripped off and explodes just as he jumps off.  Mashira then fights D and lets the carriage ride of to the castle.  The parasite in D’s hand reveals that D’s father, the vampire Lord killed Carmilla in her sleep and her phantom haunts the castle now.

Everyone finally meets at the final boss’s castle, err…um Carmilla’s castle.  Carmilla greets Charlotte and Meier and tells them they’re welcome to rest up.  She then shows them Space Mountain, I mean the Space rocket that will send them both to the stars where they can be alone.  Meier senses that D is on his way and goes to find him.  He spots what looks D with Charlotte and are about to leave when an ax cleaves Meier in two.  Charlotte meanwhile sees Meier up a long staircase and follows after him.  The real D enters a room that’s full of blood and sees someone that looks like this mother.  Borgoff heads into the basement while Leila heads up stairs.  Brogoff shoots his crossbow at two caskets knocking them down.  They open and reveal to have Kyle and Nolt in them, the bolts he fired rise up and hit Borg in the back killing him.  D’s mother asked for her forgiveness and promptly slices her.  Leila on the other hands sees a little girl looking like her kneeling some tombstones.  She talks to the little girl saying that it wasn’t your fault, the girl runs away just then D pulls her out of the way.  Borgoff shows up and takes Leila hostage and D is about to step in and take him out but Grove uses the last on the serum and give Borgy a big old hug, killing him in the process.  Leila is now alone.  Meanwhile Charlotte catches up to Meier who takes a bite out of her.  The blood of both Meier and Char drain into Carmilla’s corpse about to revive her.  Meier then recovers.  Carm and D spout out exposition about D betraying his kind, how vampires should rule, and humans should die (etc.)  She attacks D with lightening but his dark powers awaken and overpower Carm, Meier shows up and rips apart her body while D’s hand swallows her soul.  Charlotte with her dying breath tells Meier that she’s happy to be with him before passing on, D attempts to stop them.  With the castle crumbling D and Meier have their final showdown.  In all honesty, the music makes the battle seem more epic than it is, it’s just both of them in a stalemate for two minutes.  Leila takes the ring from Charlotte and throws it and says she’s had enough of killing and bloodshed.  D stabs Meier in the shoulder, and takes the ring as proof of bringing her back.  D and Leila make it out before the castle crumbles where they see Space Mountain take off.  It then cuts to many years later where Leila has passed on we’re at her funeral.  A little girl spots D by a tree about to ride off.  She stops him and asked if she knew her grandma Leila.  She says she heard stories about him and invites D to her house.  D says he appreciates her kindness but just wanted to keep a promise to an old friend, and glad she was so wrong about people not mourning her death.  She then thanks D for coming and D heads off into the mountains.  I always get teary eyed at the end.

I F*%*ing love the soundtrack to this movie.  My favorite tracks are Grove’s theme, D’s theme, the fight with Caroline (Into the Tree), the final battle with Meier (The Ring), and the Promise.  Just go and listen to the soundtrack.  I still love this movie and it’ll always get me at the end.  The action scenes are just awesome though the final one was a bit of a let down.