Final Fantasy 4 Famicom Pirate

There’s been a big pirating market in Asia for some time which is why Nintendo has been very strict with there lockout chips for the NES.  The Famicom didn’t have a lockout chip so it was way easier to pirate games.  Though most games are of mediocre to poor quality, sometimes you can find one that’s pretty competently made.  Resident Evil for example, has the level layouts are just like the original game, and items and weapons are in their proper locations.  The one that I want to talk about is Final Fantasy 4.  FF4 is actually broken into 3 different games, The Dark Chapters, The Light Chapters,  and Final Chapters.  Today I’m focusing on the Dark Chapters.  There’s a partial English patch that I used to play this.

It’s very faithful to the original.  You play as a Dark Knight named Cecil.  After completing his mission in Mysidia by killing the citizens and taking their crystal, Cecil and the Red Wings return to Baron.  After handing the Crystal over to the King, Cecil questions his King if what they did was the right thing to do.  The King then strips Cecil of his rank and orders him to take a Package to the Summoner village of Mist.

They thankfully uses music from the original game, though most of it in this is the Theme of Love for the World Map and caves.  The Battle and Boss music is the same in their respective areas.  The menus are pretty much the same if you’ve played FF4 before, you have your Item, Magic, Equipment, etc.  One nice thing is that you can save the game at any point outside of battle or cut-scenes.  From my experience playing this.  Besides Healing magic, Magic is somewhat useless because it has a high percentage of missing and doesn’t do the much damage.  You’re better off just attacking.

he story ends with Cecil becoming a Paladin.  I really hope this gets a full English translation and maybe a Reproduction Multi-cart.  Besides a little level grinding after getting Rydia, I didn’t have that much trouble with it.  I have played the 2nd part up until the Lodestone Cavern, which to my surprise actually works.  The 2nd one starts out after Cecil, the twins, and Tellah return to Baron.  Instead of getting the airship, there are portals that will teleport you around the map.  You can check my playthrough of the 1st chapter right here.