Sunset Riders Vinyl Soundtrack

I decided to pick up the Sunset Riders soundtrack, despite not having much of a background with the game because the samples I heard instantly reminded me of those days playing 80s/90s Konami arcade classics. Konami really had a distinct sound with their arcade game releases and that is evident in this soundtrack. Check out the video above to hear it!

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A1 Men Of The Wilderness
A2 Now The Time To Depart Has Come
A3 Wanted!
A4 Shoot-Out At The Sunset Ranch
A5 I Will Run And Face Tomorrow
A6 Fight Bravely
A7 The Beautiful Setting Sun
A8 Amae Mo Kore Made Dai
A9 Take The Sun From The Traveller!
B1 Sui Ttobashite Yarui
B2 Kata O Tsukeyou Zei
B3 Farewell From A Friend
B4 Kill!
B5 Kono Zako Yaroui
B6 Splendid Flower Petal
B7 Quick Draw
B8 Save My Partner
B9 I Dance To The Morning
B10 Escape
B11 Yuppie!
B12 Sorrowful Continue
B13 You Will Die Here
B14 Gazin At A Star
B15 Great Victory