Old School Gamer Magazine Review

Last week, I pulled into the drive way from work and upon reaching into the mail box I found myself holding a very pleasant surprise: A printed copy of the very first issue of Old School Gamer Magazine! I stood under the dim street light that stands over my mail box and smiled as Mega Man, Mario, Ryu, Alucard and other characters from my gaming past on the cover welcomed me home. This was a nostalgic feeling I hadn’t felt since 1992, a year where monthly Nintendo Power issues would arrive at the house and make any bad day instantly better.

Of course, any magazine can have an amazing cover and layout; but if the content is not worth reading, it won’t last very long. In today’s age of a printed magazine being a rare thing, those  rags with less then stellar content have come and gone all while trying to cover classic video gaming. Thankfully, Old School Gamer’s debut issue does not have this problem. It has the great, diverse content that matches its spectacular cover and layout. From the beginning of the magazine, you’ll take a trip to a game expo, video game museum, hear tales of gaming preservation from Walter Day and even take a trip to one of America’s greatest arcades: Galloping Ghost. Sound interesting? That’s only half of the magazine!

The ever present feeling of Old School Gamer Magazine is that its intent is to spread the word of video game history, not just by simply reviewing old games; but by exploring the industry’s creators and the mark that video gaming has created since its inception. In order to keep the magazine’s primary objective in place, Ryan Burger; the publisher behind the magazine has assembled an advisory board that will help keep the ship on course for its journey. Ryan didn’t assemble this board by pulling random names out of a hat, instead he’s put together an all star team. If names like Doc Mack, Dan Loosen, Billy Mitchell and Walter Day don’t mean anything to you, I suggest googling their names after reading this article to see just what they have done to preserve and maintain classic gaming overall.

So does Old School Gamer have a future? In terms on content and design, absolutely! That’s only half the battle though. In order for the magazine to develop and grow; it has to have a fan base. I’m certainly interested enough to place an order for the physical magazine each time its released on a 6 issue a year basis. I hope others who received a physical issue feel the same way. If you’d like to check out a digital issue to see if its something you’d like to subscribe to, you can do so by going to: https://www.oldschoolgamermagazine.com/. Most importantly though, take the quick 60 seconds and spread the word about the magazine. I’m certainly going to.

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