12 Days of Gamer Logic: Day 1

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♩♪♫On the 1st day of Gamer Logic, The GL Crew gave to me~:
Gift suggestions for this holiday!♩♪♫

We have 12 days until Christmas day, so not only do we begin our traditional 12 Days of Gamer Logic, but we panic about getting our loved ones those last minute gifts! If you’re looking for some good suggestions in what to get that gamer in your life, here are some recommendations!

Some great, immersive single-player games would be Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!
Super Mario Odyssey is forgiving, colorful and even has a guide feature if you have a little one playing. You can however turn it off for you experienced players! It’s fun, bubbly and adorable in all regards! Explore different worlds while trying to save Princess Peach from an evil wedding with Bowser!
LoZ:BotW is another beautiful game that won Game of the Year! I suggest this for peoples 12+, since the gameplay can be complex, but the story and the freedom of the game are BREATH taking. (Get it? See what I did?) It plays like an open world “choose your own path”, while still keeping the same end goal with story. Find Princess Zelda, defeat Ganon and gain your memory back!

For other suggestions, check out this link! Nintendo did a great job of putting a list together of best selling games and gaming accessories that make Christmas shopping easy!