12 Days of Gamer Logic: Day 2

♩♪♫On the 2nd day of Gamer Logic, The GL Crew gave to me~:
A very merry MMO!♩♪♫

If you’re anything like me, you love the IDEA of Winter. I’m not a fan of the cold & windy season itself, where in the Midwest it stays cold for over half of the year. So while I want to go out to holiday parties, festivals and parades, the idea of staying in my cozy home with hot cocoa and good game seems much more appealing. While it’s nice to be inside, I still want to get in the Christmas spirit, and luckily the online world of MMO’s make that easy! If you look around, games like Guild Wars 2 and Black Desert Online have fun festivals to help you celebrate the holiday season! From in-game winter items, costumes and consumable foods for boosts, to group events where you fight yetis and save toy lands, it’s common for MMOs to have some form of a winter event to help you party up and celebrate with your online pals. Besides, the Wintersday event in GW2 helps detract me from pain and suffering that is PvP.

What MMO do you play? Does it have a winter event going on too? Let us know! post a screenshot of your character celebrating!