12 Days of Gamer Logic: Day 4

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♩♪♫On the 4th day of Gamer Logic, The GL Crew gave to me~:
An angry video game nerd!♩♪♫

Lately, I’ve been going around asking my friends what holiday traditions they partake in every year. I’ve gotten answers like watching Christmas movies, bake cookies, or giving each other pajamas on Christmas Eve. Some of these traditions I do as well, but then I thought of one that I do that others probably don’t; Watch every holiday episode of AVGN, otherwise known as the Angry Video Game Nerd.

James Rolfe (AKA “The Nerd”) is the king of retro game reviews. He was one of the first people to show off his retro gaming collection on the internet and talk about what games he’s played (whether they be good or bad). The special appeal of AVGN though is the fact that his character has quite the temper. Instead of saying something may be a bad game, he may describe it as “a pile of ass that a monkeys butt hole wouldn’t even go near”, or something along those lines. He gets quite creative with his insults. Even though he may get mad at the games he plays, he’s extremely fair with his reviews. He takes you step by step on how the game works, how it’s set up, how it plays and feels. His comedy is golden, and while some of his best videos are almost 10 years old, the editing and writing aged extremely well.

If you want something funny and rated PG13 to watch this holiday season while learning a bit about the dark side of Christmas themed games, I suggest checking him out on YouTube! If you look up “AVGN Holiday Playlist”, a list of videos will pop up, making it perfect for binge watching!