Boss Fight Books Presents: Final Fantasy V – Review

Chris Kohler’s book on Final Fantasy V gives great insight to what the import gaming scene was like in the 90’s and the several unknowns that came with it. Where most would have turned away from paying for and playing a game that was completely in a different language, Chris faced the challenge head on and ended up working with others across the internet to generate a Final Fantasy V FAQ for English players.

This book, while short; gives plenty of personal prospective on what Final Fantasy V is to the author while also getting prospective from Hironobu Sakaguchi, Final Fantasy V’s director. As someone who didn’t know what Final Fantasy V was until I fired up a ROM of it in the early days of SNES emulation; this book helps paint the picture of what was going on in the minds of other RPG hungry fans at the time.

This was my 3rd purchase of the Boss Fight Books series and the first that I really couldn’t put down. Chris keeps things interesting and exciting, while not getting too off topic. I hope Chris continues to release a few more books in this series.