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Sunset Riders Vinyl Soundtrack

I decided to pick up the Sunset Riders soundtrack, despite not having much of a background with the game because the samples I heard instantly reminded me of those days playing 80s/90s Konami arcade classics. Konami really had a distinct sound with their arcade game releases and that is evident in this soundtrack. Check out the video above to hear it!

Image result for sunset riders vinyl soundtrack tracklist

A1 Men Of The Wilderness
A2 Now The Time To Depart Has Come
A3 Wanted!
A4 Shoot-Out At The Sunset Ranch
A5 I Will Run And Face Tomorrow
A6 Fight Bravely
A7 The Beautiful Setting Sun
A8 Amae Mo Kore Made Dai
A9 Take The Sun From The Traveller!
B1 Sui Ttobashite Yarui
B2 Kata O Tsukeyou Zei
B3 Farewell From A Friend
B4 Kill!
B5 Kono Zako Yaroui
B6 Splendid Flower Petal
B7 Quick Draw
B8 Save My Partner
B9 I Dance To The Morning
B10 Escape
B11 Yuppie!
B12 Sorrowful Continue
B13 You Will Die Here
B14 Gazin At A Star
B15 Great Victory

DATA013: Metal Slug! Metal Slug Music comes to vinyl!


We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with SNK Corporation. Over the past year, we have been working closely with the SNK team in Japan to develop an exclusive release for what is perhaps their most iconic franchise: METAL SLUG.

The vinyl release features the complete music from the first entry in the series (Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001), composed by Takushi Hiyamuta in 1996. Working in collaboration with the SNK Sound Team, the audio was sourced from a NEOGEO development kit in Japan and then mastered at our in-house studio in London. The release is packaged in a gatefold sleeve with accompanying double-sided lithographic insert, featuring rare artwork from the Japanese archives and a special translucent OBI strip with fluorescent Pantone print. A download code for the digital album in both lossy and lossless formats will also be included.

This release is available in the following editions:

  • 180g Tri-Colour Stripe with White Splatter (Limited Edition) – £20.99
  • 180g Opaque Yellow – £19.99
  • 180g Classic Black – £19.99
Available from SATURDAY 7th OCTOBER at

Note: this is a pre-order item. All copies will ship by the end of November.

Audio samples can be found HERE

Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack released on vinyl.

Donkey Kong Country was the first official video game soundtrack I picked up when it was available to purchase on the Nintendo Power Super Power Club Supplies Catalog. The SNES has a tremendous amount of games with fantastic soundtracks, but there was something about the variety that DKC featured that I had to have as copy of. With the use of my Super Power Supplies Stamps and a few dollars more from my mom; I was able to place an order for the soundtrack. I played that original cassette tape like crazy and I’m pretty sure that somewhere in some storage bins is that very same tape.

So, it shouldn’t come to much surprise that when Moonshake Records announced it was going to be doing a release of the DKC Soundtrack on 12 inch vinyl that I would be picking it up. It arrived a few weeks ago along with Moonshake’s other release of Metroid, but sadly it was damaged in shipping and was pretty much unplayable. My replacement copy arrived last FrIday and plays without issues thanks to no damage from the post office this time around. Both sides are available to listen to below and is a direct rip from my equipment. The record at this time is sold out, but there may be a chance it will get repressed. If that is the case, we will provide a link when it happens.


  • Title
  • Simian Segue
  • Island Swing
  • Cranky’s Theme
  • Cave Dweller Concert
  • Bonus Room Blitz
  • Aquatic Ambiance
  • Candy’s Theme
  • Bad Boss Boogie
  • Mine Cart Madness


  • Life in the Mines
  • Voice of the Temple
  • Forest Frenzy
  • Treetop Rock
  • Funky’s Theme
  • Misty Menace
  • Northern Hemispheres
  • Ice Cave Chant
  • Fear Factory
  • Gang Plank Galleon/Ending
  • Bonus Songs