Tank Police

The Syfy Channel at one point was more than just yearly Twilight Zone marathon, back in mid 90’s every Saturday morning there would be a block called Saturday Anime.  They would either show movies like Akira or Fatal Fury, to shows like Iria: Zeiram or Record of Lodoss War.  The one I want to talk about today is the drew me into anime, the four episode OVA Tank Police.

In a dystopian future, the atmosphere has poisoned and the citizens are forced to wear masks.  We get introduced to villains Buaku, AnnaPuma, and UniPuma as they’re on their way to rob a hospital of some samples.  Cut to our heroes at Tank Police HQ using their “integration” tactics by strangling the convict, shoving a grenade in his mouth and take turns putting grenades at him to make him lose leverage.

The young cop Al wonders if what they’re doing is ethical, but his squad leader, Brenton tells his to have some balls.  As Al takes his shot, the grenade lands in the face of the Tank Police’s new recruit, Leona Ozaki.

Back at the Hospital, Buaku and his gang are about to get away when the SWAT team shows up.  The women using their stripper routine, manage to shoot throw and get away when they literally run right into the Tank Police.  Brenton gets pissed and runs towards them, but Buaku and his bazooka ready blows Brenton away.  It’s up to Al and Leona to stop them, She hits a pillar, stopping her in her tracks, but she manages to get on last shot on Buaku’s gang, the tank however gets totaled.


We get a couple scenes of the mayor yelling at the chief for the damage reports that keep piling up because of his division.  He yells Brenton, and then Brenton pretty much chews her out for wrecking his baby and tells her to go to the Child Welfare Department and she storms off.  Back at the hospital, the Tank Police arrive to investigate of the samples that were almost stolen.  Turns out to be urine, urine from “healthy” people.  Leona is at the scrap yard where they bought Brenton’s tank.  The Chaplain shows up and tells her how much he loved that tank but forgives her.  He comes up with an idea to use the spare parts to make a tank for Leona.


They drive back to HQ, Specs explains to Brenton that since the poison cloud has been in the atmosphere, people have developed anti-bodies to prevent them from being sick.  The samples at the hospital were from people that haven’t developed the anti-bodies but are still alive.  If somehow the cloud where leave, people would have bacteria inside them and the anti-bodies would be useless.

The Chaplin tells Brenton that they’re building a tank for Leona who’s seems pissed at first.  He tells Specs to go back to the hospital and to make sure what he was true, and tell Leona to finish her tank and report to the Child Welfare Dept.  Ending episode One.

he second episode starts with Bauka and his girls patching themselves and talking to their boss.  They say if they can get their hands on tanks they can take on the TP and get the samples.  He says that he’ll have to pull some strings but he expects results.  The trio meets their boss at a warehouse and they’re disgusted at how old the tanks are but the boss says Grade 1 and fire power that rival the TP.


Meanwhile, Specs makes back to the hospital and strikes a deal with the doc to only discuss about the urine samples and not about his project.  We then get a montage of Leona and Al building her tank.  Buaku’s gang shows at Tank Police HQ and starts shooting.  Everyone but Al & Leona get in a tank and take off after them.  Buaku then shows off the Ultimate Deterrent of their tanks, plates that when they get ran over, Erects.

Meanwhile, Leona finishes her tank and it looks like they ripped it from Metal Slug.

Al & Leona manage catch up to Brenton and offers him a ride but only if the Child Welfare Dept. Transfer is canceled.  He agrees and they head to the hospital.  Buaku manage to out flank Specs by driving through the hospital, and the girls successfully steal all the samples.  Leona shows up and awesome fire fight opens up.  Unfortunately, Leona’s treads get jammed and blown up, presumably dead.  Buaku and his gang meet back with their boss and hands over the samples, just when everything seems ok, Leona and Brenton show up.  They have a Mexican stand off and Leona fires killing the boss and injuring Buaku’s gang.

Everyone gets scolded by the mayor.  Leona eventually pipes up and says we’re at war with people that steal and murder and half the time the police don’t even know what or what they look like but are told to just get out there and find them.  She then shoots the damage reports and gives a smile.

And that pretty much covers the first two episodes of the OVA.  The other two aren’t that important.  I would recommend watching the New Dominion Tank Police series.  This anime still holds up today and has some great humor.



Street Fighter: The Novel: Where Strength Lies

I’ve been a long time Street Fighter fan, starting with playing SF2: Champion Edition in the arcades and expanding my love for the series in all its available comics and other releases that expand the story lines of some of my favorite characters. I was looking forward to reading this book, but found its writing extremely flat and predictable. Maybe its because we’ve experienced Ryu VS Akuma so many times that there isn’t really anything left to explore between these two; but even the book’s later chapters don’t deliver anything ground breaking.

If you’re extremely new to the Street Fighter Universe, this book may be a great way to start; but long time fans can get a better Street Fighter story elsewhere.

Boss Fight Books Presents: Final Fantasy V – Review

Chris Kohler’s book on Final Fantasy V gives great insight to what the import gaming scene was like in the 90’s and the several unknowns that came with it. Where most would have turned away from paying for and playing a game that was completely in a different language, Chris faced the challenge head on and ended up working with others across the internet to generate a Final Fantasy V FAQ for English players.

This book, while short; gives plenty of personal prospective on what Final Fantasy V is to the author while also getting prospective from Hironobu Sakaguchi, Final Fantasy V’s director. As someone who didn’t know what Final Fantasy V was until I fired up a ROM of it in the early days of SNES emulation; this book helps paint the picture of what was going on in the minds of other RPG hungry fans at the time.

This was my 3rd purchase of the Boss Fight Books series and the first that I really couldn’t put down. Chris keeps things interesting and exciting, while not getting too off topic. I hope Chris continues to release a few more books in this series.