Good Will Hunting #10

I haven’t been picking up much stuff lately, due to the fact that the Midwest Gaming Classic is around the corner; but the game hunting bug got to me yesterday and I decided to stop by my local Good Will to see what was there and I did pretty good!


RePlay was a arcade magazine that most arcade operators received on a regular basis.

Sitting in a box, I found several completed NES games for super cheap along with a pair of RePlay magazines. The NES games found were Super Team Games, Alpha Mission, Super Glove Ball, Castelian, Rollerball, Track and Field and To The Earth. Not bad! Replay magazine is an interesting magazine for those who were interested in what the arcade/route operator was seeing in the business when the arcade biz flourished.



7 sealed/re-sealed NES games! I haven’t played a good chunk of these before.