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Ys: the Art Book Review (UDON Entertainment)

The Ys series made its first appearance in 1987 and captured the hearts of many gamers throughout the years with its sequels. One constant in the Ys saga has always been its tremendous attention to its art design and for many years, fans had no single place to view the art in one physical outlet. That changed last year with the release of Ys: the Art Book in Japan and now UDON Entertainment has translated the book and has released it in English for the many western Ys fans to enjoy!

This fantastic art book contains materials featured in about 25 years of Ys games! From the recent Ys: Memories of Celceta and all the way back to the original Ys, this book almost has it all! While the book is a little light on content from the earlier games, there is plenty of art from the many re-releases of the games in the series; so readers won’t get too upset. Dialing in on the looks of the artwork, its amazing stuff. Incredibly detailed and noble illustrations of the many characters we’ve seen in the series seemingly jump right of the pages. Even if you’ve only played a single Ys game, the book is worth checking out just to experience the artwork of the other games.

This 280 page book is printed on glossy paper, which helps show off the artwork better then anything you could find on the internet.The binding of the book is very secure and doesn’t give off the feeling that pages will start falling out of it. UDON certainly took themselves to task to make sure this was a quality release and it shows. If you’re a Ys fan and you haven’t already picked up the Japanese version of this book, this is a must have for sure.

Release date: March 19th (Comic stores) Late March/April (Book Stores)
Price (U.S.): $44.99
ISBN: 1-927925-01-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-927925-01-0
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 280, Color
Size: 8.25″ x 11.75″

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UDON Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment Announce World of Warcraft® Tribute Art Book


Artists from around the world are invited to share their unique visions of Azeroth with the World of Warcraft community


OCTOBER 12, 2012: At the UDON Entertainment panel at New York Comic Con, UDON today announced that it has teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment to produce the next epic installment in their ‘Tribute’ series of deluxe art books: WORLD OF WARCRAFT® TRIBUTE! This massive collection will offer hundreds of professional and hobby artists the opportunity to show off their artistic chops and pay homage to their favorite characters, settings, and moments from Blizzard’s popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Beginning November 1, artists from around the world are invited to submit their original, World of Warcraft–inspired artwork for consideration to be included in this collection. UDON’s previous ‘Tribute’ books have served as a “Who’s Who” of international comic, concept, game, and fan artists, and WORLD OF WARCRAFT TRIBUTE will continue that tradition by collecting imaginative takes on Blizzard’s game world—from anime and western comic styles to cartoons, pixel-based art, sculptures, and more—whatever medium the artist chooses to express their unique vision of the Warcraft universe.

Blizzard and UDON will select the most epic and impressive submissions to be included in WORLD OF WARCRAFT TRIBUTE, which will premiere as a special limited-edition hardcover book at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. With thousands of entries expected, submitting artists are encouraged to bring their “A” game if they aspire to have their work included in the collection.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this project,” said Erik Ko, Editor In Chief of UDON. “We really respect the amazing universe Blizzard has created with the Warcraft series, and the games have been a major source of inspiration to the artistic community for years. This book will be our biggest Tribute undertaking ever, and we’re already anticipating all of the amazing illustrations that will soon be headed our way.”

“We’ve always been humbled by the fact that some amazing artists out there have drawn inspiration from our games over the years,” said Paul Sams, chief operating officer of Blizzard Entertainment. “Deciding which pieces to include in this book will be a huge challenge, but we’re looking forward to working with UDON to select the best of the best and put together an epic collection. And who knows — maybe in the process, we’ll discover some great new artists to invite to work with us on future Blizzard games.”

Since its launch in 2004, World of Warcraft has become the most popular subscription-based MMORPG in the world. The original game and its four expansions, including the recently released Mists of Pandaria™, have earned critical acclaim and captured the imaginations of millions of players around the globe.

For full WORLD OF WARCRAFT® TRIBUTE artwork submission details, head to WarcraftTribute.com. Contest entries will be accepted beginning November 1, 2012 through noon PST on January 15, 2013.

About Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Best known for blockbuster hits including World of Warcraft® and the Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® franchises, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (www.blizzard.com), a division of Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI), is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software renowned for creating some of the industry’s most critically acclaimed games. Blizzard Entertainment’s track record includes fourteen #1-selling games and multiple Game of the Year awards. The company’s online-gaming service, Battle.net®, is one of the largest in the world, with millions of active players.

About UDON Entertainment
UDON Entertainment is a publisher of original art books, graphic novels, and manga. UDON’s best-known projects are those based on popular video game franchises including Street Fighter®, Okami®, Mega Man®, Darksiders®, Valkyria Chronicles, and more. The publisher’s ever-growing library also includes English editions of several Japanese manga titles, and the anthology art book series Apple. For more information visit www.UDONentertainment.com.

UDON gets GROWLANSER and more!

OCTOBER 12, 2012: Today UDON Entertainment was proud to announce the following license acquisitions for new art book releases, scheduled to be released in 2013. The announcements span the gamut of game, anime, and character graphics books, and the broad selection and high quality continues to cement UDON’s reputations as North America’s premiere publisher of game and anime related art books. Due to the advanced nature of the announcement, official art is not available for most releases.


The Growlanser series of tactical role-playing games is a favourite of hardcore JRPG players with its gorgeous, intricate character designs, and dramatic storytelling.

UDON Entertainment’s Growlanser Art Works features the artwork of Satoshi Urushihara in a spectacular, 176 page release. Includes game covers, character designs, merchandising artwork, rare promotional pieces, creator commentary, and an exclusive interview with Satoshi Urushihara and the development team behind the Growlanser series.


Featuring materials from Growlanser 1 through 6, for titles appearing on the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PSP.

Coming in February 2013, at the printers now.


Joining our recently announced artbook HARUHI-ISM: Haruhi Suzumiya Illustrations by Noizi Ito, UDON Entertainment is proud to announce that 2013 will see the release of not one, but THREE Haruhi artbooks!

Haruhi Suzumiya Illustrations: Spring & Summer and Haruhi Suzumiya Illustrations: Autumn & Winter collect a stunning array of artwork from the Haruhi Suzumiya anime series, with the illustrations broken into seasonal themes. Collecting illustrations from the series and original material created for anime magazines and other promotions… whether you want fun and sexy times at the beach or gorgeous Christmas and new year illustrations, you’ve now got Haruhi and co. for every season!

These books will be released approximately 3 months apart, with HARUHI-ISM in Q1, Spring & Summer in Q2, and Autumn & Winter in Q3, 2013.


This one is for fans of extraordinary artwork! UDON Entertainment is proud to announce that we will be releasing the spectacular art collection Midori Foo’s Book of Pictures, a massive, 300+ page illustration collection featuring the work of acclaimed artist and designer Midori Foo!

While her name may not be known to the general public, Midori Foo’s illustrations have graced video games, light novels, trading card games, art collections, and popular illustration magazines including Kikan S Magazine and FELLOWS! Magazine for years to come.


Midori Foo’s illustrations are utterly gorgeous and of the highest quality, with a huge range of styles contained in the book. This will be one of our loveliest collections of the year, and fans of APPLE, ROBOT, and PIXIV ALMANAC are going to absolutely love this book.

To be released in Q2 2013, at the printers now!

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Character Graphics Collection: CV01 Edition
Vocaloid Kagamine Len & Rin Character Graphics Collection: CV02 Edition
Vocaloid Megurine Luka Character Graphics Collection: CV03 Edition

Following hot on the heels of UDON Entertainment publishing the first official Hatsune Miku artwork in PIXIV ALMANAC earlier this year, we’re proud to announce that we will be publishing three Vocaloid Character Graphics Collections in 2013! Hatsune Miku, Len & RIn, and Megurine Luka will all start in their own character graphics collections, to meet the growing demand for Vocaloid-related artwork and products in North America!

Each volume features more than 30 artists’ spectaculr takes on the Vocaloid characters, from high-fashion to everyday activities, to pin-up style idol artwork to performance! More than 150 illustrations in each book!

Fans of our PIXIV, APPLE SELECTION, and GIRL SEVEN art books are going to love these spectacular collections of pin-up artwork!

Scheduled to be released Q2, Q3, 2013.